What To Expect Before The Funeral

By: Tom Gallagher
Friday, September 17, 2021

After a person passes away, their family has to plan the funeral service. There are times when the ones handling this responsibility do not know how things are done. At Sholom Chapel, we know that it can be tough to handle all these aspects and our team is here to help.

Steps Before The Funeral

Here is some information that can help you understand what to expect before the funeral.


The first step involves contacting a local funeral home. Discuss your requirements with the experts there and plan the traditional Jewish funeral service according to your needs. They will help with all the details such as transporting the body, preparing it according to Jewish rituals etc.

The Customs To Follow

  • According to Jewish law, the body will be washed but not embalmed
  • It will then be dressed in a burial shroud. The Chevra Kadisha (a group of Jewish women and men) will oversee this process and will stay with the body until it is buried. The men will typically wear a ‘tallit’ (prayer shawl) during this time.
  • There are different Jewish funeral types and the customs will depend on the Judaism movement you follow. Conservative and Orthodox Jewish customs prohibit cremation, as they believe in burying the body intact, in the ground. However, reform Jews now accept cremation.
  • Organ donation is acceptable practice across all Jewish movements, as it can help save lives.

Make sure that the funeral home you contact is able to provide you the services you need. If you need services such as limousine transportation, Shomer or Chevra Kadisha, discuss that with the funeral director during the consultation.

They will require you to provide them with information about the deceased after which they will start planning and organizing everything in line with your requirements. If you need information about our funeral services and preplanning, please contact Sholom Chapel.

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