When I Bury Or Entomb Cremated Remains, Can I Keep A Separate Small Amount?

By: Tom Gallagher
Wednesday, May 17, 2023

When faced with the complex and emotional issue of how to dispose of a loved one's body, many families discover that cremation is both a practical and affordable choice. What happens to the cremated remains is only one of many considerations that must be made throughout the cremation process, and at Thomas Gallagher Funeral Home, we take this seriously. When considering whether to bury or entomb cremated remains, many families wonder if they can retain some of the ashes for their use.

It is possible to save some of the cremains, and we want you to know that, but we also want you to think this option over carefully. We recognize the gravity of your decision and stand ready to lend our support and guidance as you make your way forward.

Bury Or Entomb Cremated Remains - Things To Keep In View

We recognize the significance of the decision to scatter or bury a loved one's ashes. If you're considering cremation, you might wonder what to do with the remains afterward. As you weigh your choices, you should remember a few things.

  • First, there is a distinction to be made between ashes and cremated remains. When a body is cremated, all that is left are tiny fragments of bone ground into a powder. This distinction might help you decide how to dispose of the body properly.
  • Following the guidelines set forth by the funeral home or cemetery is mandatory if the final disposition involves burial or entombment. The document may contain details such as the plot or tomb location, the type and size of the container to be used, and any other specific requests. We're here to serve as your concierge and ensure everything goes as you'd like.
  • If you want to save part of the ashes for yourself, there are a few choices. They could be kept in a locket, urn, or scattered in a significant place. We may also advise you on how to comply with any religious or cultural regulations regarding the cremation and the eventual disposition of the ashes.
  • Whatever you do, be sure the ashes are correctly stored. Protect them against extreme heat and moisture by storing them in a cool, dry area. The container should be clearly labeled with the deceased's name, the date of cremation, and any other relevant details. We recognize the difficulty of this choice of whether to bury or entomb cremated remains and are committed to standing by you while you make it.

For additional details on how to bury or entomb cremated remains, please call the Thomas Gallagher Funeral Home team at 203-359-9999 or via this online form.

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