Can I Still Have A Gathering/Visitation/Service If I Choose Cremation?

By: Tom Gallagher
Friday, February 17, 2023

Although the concept of cremation may be novel to some, the practice has a long and storied history. Many cremation urns of different types have been discovered in ancient tombs. Those who don't want a casket burial can choose cremation instead. Established funeral homes like us at Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home often provide two options for cremation services: with or without a gathering/visitation/service.

Contrary to popular belief, viewings are possible even if cremation is chosen. The remains will be readied according to customary procedures and displayed in an open casket if you select this option. The casket will be available for viewing during visiting hours, and a funeral ceremony can be performed before or after cremation.

The remains will be cremated without delay if you don't want a viewing. Although this choice may appear impersonal at first glance, it provides an alternative for people who choose to have a private gathering/visitation/service for a deceased loved one.

Viewing A Body Before Direct Cremation

Whether or not to view a deceased loved one's remains before cremation is one of many that must be made in the wake of their death. Others find the concept too painful, while others hold that it is vital to say farewell in this manner. There are also logistical questions to answer, such as whether or not you can schedule a gathering/visitation/service on time. Ultimately, it's up to the individual to decide, and there's no absolute right or wrong.

Several variables, weather, and style of casket use determine how long a person may be on display before being cremated. Most corpses, however, may be examined without risk for up to 48 hours following death. After that time, it becomes more challenging to conserve the body, and decomposition's danger grows.

Because of this, it is common practice for funeral houses to cremate remains as soon as possible once they are received. Of course, like with any generalization, there are always exceptions. Funeral homes usually provide gathering/visitation/service hours for families wanting to spend more time with their deceased loved ones. In these situations, families keep the body in a cold storage facility or viewing room where it can carefully manage the temperature and humidity. The duration of the viewing period before cremation is a matter of personal preference and is up to the family.

What Is Visitation?

During a funeral visitation, friends and family of the dead gather to pay their respects and share stories about the departed. It is customary to have a visitation one to two days before a funeral ceremony so that mourners may pay their respects to the deceased and say their last goodbyes to family and friends. The casket is frequently left open during a visitation so that mourners may pay their respects by seeing the corpse or spending time in quiet thought.

A visitation might also include a space for people to share their thoughts and feelings about the dead. In the same way that this may be cathartic for individuals who were close to the deceased, it can also be so for those who never had the opportunity to meet them. Visitation, for whatever long it lasts, is a vital aspect of the healing process after a loss.

What Is A Memorial Service?

After a death in the family, friends and acquaintances assemble for a memorial visitation. It's a time for people to commemorate the deceased, express their condolences, and honor their shared loss.

Funeral homes are a familiar venue for memorial visitations, although alternative venues, including parks and community centers, are also acceptable. Visitations during a memorial service, no matter where they are conducted, allow people to express their grief in the company of others.

Work With A Well-Established Funeral Home

Regardless of the type of service you need, we can help with the best solutions. Our skilled and professional team is here to provide empathetic services and ensures that you have a seamless experience. We offer funeral and cremation services and align every aspect of these with your needs. Our funeral home also provides pre-planning solutions as required.

You can reach the Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home team at (318)640-1375. If you prefer to write to us, please use this Contact Us form, and one of our experts will call you back soon to discuss your requirements for a gathering/visitation/service before cremation.

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