Managing Grief During the Festive Season

By: Tom Gallagher
Wednesday, December 15, 2021

While it's a great thing to have a happy family, tasty food, and beautiful hand-wrapped gifts for the holidays, these things do not bring joy when you have recently lost someone you love. It can be pretty challenging to go through this time.

How To Manage Your Grief During The Holidays

So, is there a cure for grief? At Gallagher Funeral Home, we know that simple activities can help alleviate the stress of the holiday season and relieve your pain.

A Place For A Family Member

Loved ones are a part of you even when they are no longer with you. Try to focus on the presence of your loved ones by setting a spot for them at the dinner table. You can always use a beautiful plate. Placing a candle on the plate in their memory will enhance the atmosphere.  You and your loved ones can reminisce about the deceased as you serve their preferred delicacies.

Keep Yourself Busy

When you're grieving, it's important to remember that the holidays are an excellent time to regain control of your emotions. Invite a friend who enjoys playing board games or even considers inviting them for a drink and see how well you do. To raise your spirits, share recollections of the individual. You'll be able to forget about your thoughts for a while and enjoy the celebrations.

A Memory Box

Make a gorgeous box with images of the individual pasted on all of its sides. To preserve your memories, write them down and put them in a box. Invite friends over for a meal and ask them to put their memories in a jar for you to look at later. After dinner, you all can sit down to read them and remember your loved one. Return each remembrance paper with a little gift attached.

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